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Your development

We’re aiming to be one of the biggest names in online retail. We take on the most talented people and we believe in giving them all the training and mentoring support they need to grow their careers alongside our business.

Getting you off to a great start

Expect a real focus on your learning and development from day one. Our onboarding programme will quickly bring you up to speed with our fast-moving environment. The programme varies depending on the business area you join, but in each case you’ll spend a couple of weeks learning the ropes before we let you walk alone.

You will:

  • get to grips with our culture, our history and our peculiar ways
  • meet your manager and some of our senior leaders 
  • start developing a network of contacts 
  • see day-to-day-operations and find out how we manage our business (which could well mean spending time in one of our Fulfilment Centres or Customer Service Centres, working alongside our associates and discovering what it means to go beyond customer expectations every day).

Depending on the role, you may even visit our offices in Seattle or Luxembourg to learn more and meet some key people.

It’s the start of a journey that will be packed with success – and fun – along the way.

Keeping the momentum going

On top of all that, you’ll have ongoing training in the processes and tools you’ll use in your daily job. Your manager will put together a structured plan for you that will include:

  • key contacts you should make
  • online resources you’ll need to learn how to use 
  • regular tasks you’ll need to complete.

What’s more, like everyone at Amazon, you’ll:

  • be coached and mentored by your manager and your peers
  • be encouraged to take on challenging projects
  • be able to make the most of a wide range of courses.

Looking ahead

You can develop in all sorts of ways. The scope of your role may grow or change, so you’ll need to be flexible enough to take on new responsibilities and challenges. And as we’re growing all the time, there’s no shortage of new opportunities. Plus, if you want to move locations in your own country or abroad, we’ll encourage you.

It’ll be down to you to drive your own development and make the most of all the opportunities we offer. They include:

  • traditional career paths upwards to become people managers 
  • a move sideways into other business areas 
  • taking part in projects outside your immediate team.